APlus architectural plugin for AutoCAD

APlus architectural plugin for AutoCAD

APLUS is the largest AutoCAD add-on with more than 2500 functions! For more than 10 years it has constantly been developed by our team of architects who are also programmers. This synergy made it possible to deliver a dedicated response to the real needs of designers, architects, engineers and other users of computer-aided design software.

APLUS is an Autodesk AutoCAD plugin for architects, designed to increase productivity. After installing the extension, you will get over 500 new commands that allows you to:

  • draw walls from axises
  • edit walls (delete, rotate, move, copy, make/cap holes, etc.)
  • insert doors and windows automatically
  • count areas and export measured values into excel
  • managing layers (quick turning on/off, freeze/UnFreeze, isolate, etc.)
  • manage and insert blocks from the additional menu
  • count or even create a visual index of blocks
  • draw stairs by selecting two points
  • quickly insert of most common descriptions (level indicators, axis bulbs, Details)
  • edit polylines with new tools
  • And many more

overview of some function of the plugin


Download Aplus users guide

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Translate any text in AutoCAD with this plugin

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