AutoCAD Command and Shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts ( AutoCAD shortcut ) works differently on AutoCAD, there are what we can call real keyboard shortcuts, namely to type a single key or a combination of key and writing the entire command.

Example: we take the command line:
it can be launched by the keyboard in two different ways:
Type the keyboard shortcut L or click on the enter or space key to validate.
Write the entire command “line” or click on the enter or space key to validate.

Universal keyboard shortcuts

the following shortcuts are universal keyboard shortcuts and can be used in different software (Ms Word, Ms Excel, Photoshop …).

  • Ctrl + A = Select all.
  • Ctrl + C = Copy.
  • Ctrl + X = Cut.
  • Ctrl + V = Paste.
  • Ctrl + P = Print (print).
  • Ctrl + Z = return to the back (cancel the previous action).
  • Ctrl + N = New file.
  • Ctrl + O = Open a file.
  • Ctrl + S = Save.
  • Ctrl + F = Search.

Illustration showing AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts on a keyboard

Download Autocad Keyboard Shortcuts in PDF Format (High Resolution)

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