Cad blocks gigantic library

Here is a DWG file that gathers a huge cad blocks library of AutoCAD. you will find all you need to add a touch of professionalism to your plans.

autocad blocks for kitchen and baths
Airplanes, ships, and boats
Windows and doors
Kitchens and baths
cad blocks furniture
dwg trees and plants

This autocad blocks file contain autocad furniture blocks and much more

world map cad
world map cad

Content of the library:

  • Cad silhouette
  • DWG cars
  • Trees
  • people
  • animals
  • trucks
  • airplanes
  • boats
  • ships
  • Dwg floor lamp
  • Sports field
  • CAD block for kitchen
  • cad blocks for baths
  • dwg deco
  • office blocks
  • world map blocks
  • dwg windows
  • Furniture
  • And much more

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