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autocad 2014 coupled with Autodesk 360 gives you access to what’s called the design feed the design feed is a feature that’s been in AutoCAD WS Autodesk’s mobile version of autocad that you can run on iOS or android or in a browser is now in autocad this is my favorite brand new tool from this version of autocad that’s really cool so if you don’t have the design feed panel open just go to your Autodesk 360 ribbon tab and click on the design feed button that will open up this palette what you have to do with your file before you can do anything with it is save your drawing to Autodesk 360 so you can just click Save.

so you save your file right here in your Autodesk 360 folder I’m just going to call this design feed test I already have a file in here but it’s blank that’s fine i’m just going to replace it so now this file is attached to my Autodesk 360 account now I can open up design feet again now design feed enables users to communicate through a drawing by adding notes and images for discussion purposes you have to be logged in to your Autodesk 360 account to use it and the file has to be saved in there as well when you’re using it though it will display this palette here where you can share messages and images notes things like that with your colleagues clients consultants or anyone else that you need to post will appear with related drawings on a desktop on the internet or on your mobile device these messages and images can be
associated with a specific location and your drawing or just in general there are different tools in here that will allow users to tag different colleagues or clients or consultants whoever they’ve shared the file with you can share your files with multiple people via email and then once you tag them or save the file a notification will be delivered to that person and it will also appear within AutoCAD so if they have their version of the file opened up and it’s shared through Autodesk 360 you make a change to it you post a note here in design feed and it will notify them right away so you can be working in the same building even with your design team on a project and you just come here and click on the create post that opens it up right here you can say something like this is the best design ever and hit post and it tells you right here now it’s number one and I can do a lot of other things with it I can click reply to reply to it I can say hey this has been resolved so we don’t have to worry about it anymore or I can even delete it now another nice thing here that you can do is you can associate this post with an area in the drawing so I can click on it here and find a spot and there we go say this area is important click post now it’s done that
if I select this comment it’ll zoom right to it the little note will pop up and I know what’s going on you can pin something to a specific spot you can tag a person in a post or you can even attach an image this is very handy with the mobile devices if you’re out in the field somewhere inspecting a house for example and you can take a picture and will be associated with a specific wall or the foundation maybe stairway
whatever the case might be so you will have a picture from the field attached to your drawing and it will be saved in the cloud and you can also send that information to someone at your design shop at your Center and they will be able to document it for you right away so the design feed is a fantastic tool that can open up a lot of different possibilities for you and your
co-workers or your colleagues to
communicate with each other through autocad

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