FastView DWG

FastView DWG – CAD visualiser (Android & IOS)

FastView DWG is fully compatible with 2D / 3D DWG drawings from Auto CAD, ProgeCAD, BricsCAD, Revit in DWG format, DXF files etc. We will see below 4 important points:

  1. Connection not required, draw not connected.
  2. Export in PDF, BMP, JPG and PNG to share freely.
  3. The View Mode and the Edit Mode satisfy the various needs.
  4. Easy to use and responsive technical support.

1- Creation, navigation and modification are totally free
There is no limit to the file size. You can create new drawings for free locally.

2- No registration required, draw without being connected
Simply download DWG FastView and use it immediately without any registration being necessary. In addition, without internet, you are able to save your job in your local workspace. At the same time, drawings received by email or via Web disk such as Dropbox or WebDAV can be opened, read, edited and shared with the Internet.

3- Allows export in PDF, BMP, JPG and PNG format and so share freely
Transfer CAD drawings to PDF by customizing paper size, orientation, color and so on. You can also convert CAD drawings to BMP, JPG, PNG image format. They can all be read and shared by DWG FastView.

4- View Mode and Edit Mode as required
To satisfy the basic needs and open and visualize a DWG we have created the View Mode with simple and fast tools. In addition, the Edit Mode is more suitable for professionals and the practice of drawing.

  • Add cloud folders and upload or back up files to take advantage of collaborative work with resource sharing
  • Zoom in or zoom out on a CAD drawing by adjusting the space between two fingers.
  • Send messages to share your files as attachments with your mailbox
  • Import or download the drawing with its fonts and symbols to the font folder to display all nonstandard fonts.
  • Provides a set of solutions to manage file conflicts stored in the cloud so that the user easily recognizes the current status of the file through different symbols in the cloud folder
  • Easily switch between 2D and 3D visual modes. 3D mode includes: wired 3D, realistic and hidden 3D, use powerful layer tools, layout and ten predefined 3D views.
  • 3D rotation of the CAD drawing by touching a drawing area and rotating 360 degrees. Click on the screen to stop the rotation after locating the best perspective.
  • Open a magnifying glass by touching the drawing area to display an enlargement of the affected area. This is a convenient way for users to view details and align objects.
  • Precision is available, for example, the user can change the value of coordinates to move points accurately
  • Supports absolute 2D coordinates, relative coordinates, polar coordinates and 3D spherical and cylindrical coordinates
  • Draw Line, Polyline, Circle, Arc, Text, Revision Cloud, Rectangle, Freehand, Create a Notation and use a layer
  • Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale, Colors, Measure Object and Use Layout

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