Freeze/Thaw, On/Off And Lock

you can make drawing layers invisible either by turning them off or by freezing them we’ve briefly mentioned them in the last few sections but I want to take a better look at them so you can better understand when you want to thaw something or when you want to turn it off turning off or freezing layers is very useful thing to do if you need an unobstructed view when working in detail on a particular layer or set of layers or if you don’t want to plot out details such as reference lines or the things like that whether you choose to freeze layers or turn them off depends on how you work and on the size of your drawing turning up layers on and off well if you do that then an object that’s turned off or that’s on a turned-off layer they’re invisible but they will still hide objects when you use the height option when you turn layers on and off the drawing it is not regenerated now freezing and thawing something that’s a little bit different objects on frozen layers are still invisible just like when they’re off and but they do not hide other objects most of the hiding thing it has to do with 3d objects you can have hidden lines you can hide things behind them when you look at certain isometric views such as that so in a 2d drawing the high part doesn’t really come into a lot of play and it doesn’t especially in AutoCAD LT but in large drawings so freezing unneeded layers speeds up operations involving you know displaying them in and regenerating your drawing thawing one or more layers can cause the drawing to be regenerated freezing and thawing layers will also take more time than turning layers on and off what does that all really mean well that bit of information that it just gave you just discusses how AutoCAD handles frozen or off layers it used to be a real big deal back when we worked in AutoCAD and dos and your processor just took a long time to generate on your screen all of these lines that you had you would turn things off or just freeze them instead because it just handled it differently it didn’t process them even though they weren’t there well that’s not as much of a case now our big processors with our tons of RAM in them can handle these things and ever since paper space was introduced way back in AutoCAD 11 we’re on version ending 28 or 29 now with 2013 the freezing gave you more options in the viewports and we’ll talk about those in a layout or in paper space just down on the tab down here this is a viewport and in this viewport you can double click that will activate it
extensa you can see your object right here if i zoom or pan you know move around I can see what’s going on now in this view port or any view port I can freeze layers individually
so that means I can freeze them so that I can’t see them in this viewport at all but if I have another view port they’ll stay there let me show you
if I copy this viewport
I didn’t copy the line work
one set of line work this viewport is a window to what’s in model space when I make changes to my objects in model space for example like deleting this door
that’s reflected in my view ports see there’s no door here there’s no door there
I can double-click in either one of these viewports and now what I do to the line work you know if i delete it move it or etc then it’ll show up over here as well so i can select this store as you can see it’s been picked here delete it’s gone in both places now let’s say i don’t want to see the doors at all i can go up to my freeze button select the door and now they’re frozen in this viewport but not in this one that’s where freezing comes into play
now if i go to model space and I freeze them here let’s say I freeze the walls can’t see the walls they’re still there I just can’t see them
they’re frozen everywhere what you do in model space gets reflected back into paper space so you have to be careful so now I have to come back go to one of my layers I can go to the layer manager or I can go to this pulldown right here pick the button and it will thaw my layers so that’s something else you can do here besides picking the current when I can lock them I can unlock them I can freeze them I can turn them off so now you see here when I go back to my layout one tab everything is back on but if I click the freeze button pick the walls my walls and doors are frozen you can’t see them here but I can see them here
that’s really cool that gives you a lot of different options so I can display my drawing differently by controlling them with layers if I didn’t use the layers to control the way they look I couldn’t do this so that’s very important he saw when the wall layer was locked and how it hovered over there I couldn’t select it
let’s lock them back it fades them back a little bit
but now i cant i can pick them you know but i can’t do anything with it move them you know I can pick them to begin with but then I can’t use a command on them then if I start a command I can’t pick them so these walls are safe I can’t get rid of them that’s nice now if you find that you don’t like this fading back which I personally don’t like either there are a couple things you can do with that can come up here I can turn that feature off altogether see so now I still can’t delete these objects but that’s okay or if I turn it back on I can decrease the amount of faded pneus so to speak whatever floats your boat
I personally just prefer leaving it turned off
Lock layers even though they’re faded back we’ll still print normally that won’t affect it at all that’s just the visual representation or visual cue to let you know that the layer is locked you can also see it by hovering over the object and you get that little padlock of an icon that shows up in your crosshairs that’ll tell you to one less thing
if I’m in a viewport or just in paper space in general
I want to turn off not freeze and i zoom in here its site to this window that will turn it off in that view port to then won’t turn it off over here as well so freezing and thawing in the viewport are done in the viewport when I come to model space and I turn off
let’s turn off everything here in model space
see it’s turned off here as well so what you’re going to want to do while you’re working is leave everything on leave everything thought in model space unless you’re working in it if you work in it you’ve got to isolate something that’s okay put it all back to the way it was before and then come to your viewports and you can freeze the things there that you need frozen refer when you print your drawing

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