if you’re creating objects that are symmetrical then you can save a lot of time and effort by only drawing half of it that’s where the mirror command comes in handy
open up the mirror examples file we have a profile of a bolt and a profile or half of a profile of a vase to start the mirror command you can just type in mirror
or you can type in just the two letters mi for the command alias it’s also found here on the modify panel on the ribbon the mere command is really quite simple you select your object or objects that you want to mirror then press Enter now you need to pick two points these points will create an imaginary line that your object will be mirrored on in the case of this vase I’ve drawn a construction line right down the middle of it and we’re going to use that you don’t have to have the line there but I’m showing you this line so that you can visualize it a bit easier
so we’ve selected our objects and now we want to mirror it based on the end point here of the top of the vase
that’s our starting point of our mirror line now as I pick the second point you can see how AutoCAD is literally mirroring the line work
we want it to come right down to the bottom so we’re going to snap to that bottom point on the vase
once you’ve married your object you have the option of deleting the original object or not in this case we want to keep it so we type in the letter in and press enter
and there we’ve completed our vase and we only had to draw half of it it’s quite handy now let’s undo this and erase that line
let’s try it again
command select the object press enter end oh snap
to the top of the vase and then snap again wait let’s do it a little bit differently press your f8 button for your ortho command and that will put it right in orthogonal e as you rotate around you see that it mirrors about that line and since the line essentially only goes in one of two places there are only two options for you but this keeps everything nice and tidy nice and horizontal and nice and straight and it does it very quickly again don’t erase the object and now we have a nice vase for our drawing
let’s mirror something again this bolt object and you can pick it you can use a crossing window you can use a selection window all of our selection tools are available to us press ENTER pick a point and pick another point now this time let’s erase the object type in the letter Y for yes press Enter so now we’ve gotten rid of our bolt and we’ve turned it around all at the same time

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