if you have more than one object in your drawing and trust me you’re going to you will find that you need to navigate within your drawing one way to get back and forth in your drawing is to use the pan command panning is not that difficult not anymore for many releases we have had real-time panning that means that you can see where you’re panning and the screen moves along with it there are many ways to get to the pan command let’s open up a file any files fine we just need to have something where we can see we’re moving in
open up when you work with before or just draw some objects in there very quickly it doesn’t matter if you’re not in any commands just sitting around and panning sounds like fun you can type in the pan command PA in press enter you’ll get a little hand icon that comes up on your screen now the idea of panning is that you grab ahold of a place on your drawing and move it out of the way so that you can see something else it’s kind of like taking a piece of paper or a drawing holding on to it somewhere then moving it across your table so with the pan command started and activated click and hold that click somewhere and they’ll move your mouse but you grab that point and you’re moving it from one part of your screen to another part then that go that was a pan you didn’t change any of the objects in your drawing you’re just changing your view so the entire screen kind of moved so that’s kind of good so now I can get from this corner to this corner if you right-click you can exit out of the pan command now there are other ways to start the pan command you can just type the letter P on the keyboard and pan that escape to get out at any time because pan you know maybe too many letters for you to have to type or you can find it in the ribbon or find it in the shortcut menu if you have no command activated you can right click and hold and go to the pan command that’s right here
the navigation bar click the pan command and you can pan around you can also go up to the ribbon
a navigate in 2d panel and click on the pan command
those are great but nowadays most of us and me especially don’t even use the pan command we just use the scroll wheel on our mouse so if you have the scroll wheel and if you don’t please get one it’ll be one of the most efficient based things that you’ll be able to do an AutoCAD click the scroll wheel and hold it
pan around let go that’s so much easier and this transparent we talked about transparent commands before and pan was one of them zoom being another one you can use the scroll wheel for it while you’re in a command I can draw a line hanover and I’m still drawing my line by useful the pan command as when said can be a transparent command that means you can use it while you’re working with another command otherwise you’re restricted to using only one come in at a time but I can’t draw a line in a circle at the same time but I can pan while I’m drawing a line or drawing a circle so if you pick the pan commands from anywhere it will automatically be a transparent command that means from the ribbon from the navigation bar from my scroll wheel if I draw a line I can come over here to my nav bar press the pan command move around it escaped and then finish drawing my line
or again I can just pan with my scroll wheel and draw my line
otherwise if you draw a line pick your first point
type in an apostrophe
up in pan
escaped when you’re finished
second point for your line most of the time though this is kind of a new point because you’re going to use your scroll wheel what else would you do why would you take the time to move your mouse your cursor to the nav bar or to fumble through the ribbon just to find the pan come in use the scroll wheel but you do have options if you don’t have a scroll wheel available

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