Quitting AutoCAD – Save Early, Save Often

I’m not trying to jump the gun here but you are going to need to know how to end your AutoCAD session I know you haven’t even really started yet well it’s still important and just like there are several ways to open a file in AutoCAD there are several different ways to save your file and to close it in fact they’re very similar to each other there are two main ways to stop using AutoCAD they are the clothes and or the exit command you can type either one on the command line just type clothes or exit
they’re similar yet different of course if you have several files open and you close then only the current file will go away on the other hand if you type in exit every file will close in Seoul autocad so close is too close your file the current one and exit is to leave autocad therefore closing all of your other files there’s also a closed all command that will shut down all of your files but leave autocad open just type in close all with either of these commands if you have made changes to the file but haven’t saved the file yet AutoCAD will ask you if you want to save them now a change in autocad even for this case could be a simple thing as panning your drawing or zooming in or out so if you open the file and zoomed out or just pant that’s a change from autocad’s perspective because you’re changing the view so that may come into an account you can click no if you don’t want to save any of the changes or just click yes clicking the cancel option we’ll just stop the closing process and put you back into your drawing where you were you can also click on the X right here in the top right corner this will close the file so if I click it say no I don’t want to save changes in this case it closes that file and opens up one of my other files that I’m currently accessing if you don’t have anything opened
for example if I continue to close all of these
this is what you’ll get you get a top bar here
my online
go to file open or file new
so that’s what you’ll get while you’re working and long before you are through for the day you need to save your work one of the most important tips that I can give you is to save your work save your work save your work save your work remember you must save early and you must save often get into the habit of saving every five to ten minutes autocad has an autosave feature but I found it to be unreliable if it ever works really so there are several ways to save a file you can click on the save button in the quick access toolbar which is right here we’ll save your file when you do save your file AutoCAD will tell you that you saved it here in the command line as button
open up a prompt in your window and it will ask you what you want to call it and where you want to save it just type all that information in and click Save so really that’s the save command it’s also the save ass but the other one is the Q safe
accu save is what you want to do just press enter it will save the file that you’re working in at its current location with its current name and overwrite whatever was there before so if you don’t want to save a history of your files and you just want to save it like it is very quickly then do that do the Q save and the Q save is the same as clicking on the Save button right here as you can see this as save saves the current drawing it’s also the Q safe you can also come to the application menu click Save which is AQ save or save as we’re working in windows based autocad you can also press ctrl + S at the same time that’s a cue save that’s what I do while I’m working I’m drawing lines circles trims edits copies paste whatever ctrl s more lines some dimensions and moving and zooming and panning control s I’ve gotten myself into the habit of using ctrl + S on the keyboard very regularly it has saved me time and time again because AutoCAD will crash you will lose your work I was working with a gentleman the other day when he had an issue and while I was trying to help him all of a sudden autocad just crashed while he panicked because it had been over three hours since he had saved he lost nearly a half day’s worth of work and it was going to take him another three hours to redo what he had done so it took him all day to do what should have been done and a half a day that’s how important saving is

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