Revit vs AutoCAD (Which is better)

You are an AutoCAD or Revit user and you wonder the difference between the two software (Revit vs AutoCAD) this article will give you all the answers.

Migrating to Revit Platform or Moving forward with AutoCAD?


  1. AutoCAD stores and retrieves project data from multiple files
  2. AutoCAD dimensions only display the distance between two entities
  3. AutoCAD software has traditional command line and layers
  4. Can’t create own intelligents parametric objects or Layers
  5. One person at a time can access and work on a file
  6. Single design view
  7. Absence of high level of customization and flexibility
  8. A typical CAD program can’t match the quality and speed of Revit‘s floor planning tools


  1. In Revit, all project data is stored in the single environment
  2. when the dimension value is changed the objects associated to the dimension are changed
  3. Use system of categories and subcategories to organize Information
  4. Create own intelligent parametric objects or quickly customize the existing ones
  5. Access to Single File and Multiple Users
  6. Multiple Design View
  7. Loaded with lot of features and high level of scalability
  8. Detail library and material takeoff facilities

Revit boosts designer’s capacity 10 fold

Benefits of Revit Transition

  • Waste Minimization
  • Increase Public’s Confidence in Stewardship
  • Optimization of Cost and Quality
  • Greater Coordination and Collaboration
  • Parametric Families
  • Earlier Visualization & Conflict Detection

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