Stretching Objects

sometimes an AutoCAD we need to make existing objects shorter or longer they need to be stretched to do this autocad has a command called stretch let’s open up our stretch examples file in it we have a line an ellipse and a simple gasket
we’re going to stretch these different objects in different ways using several different methods so you start to stretch command by typing stretch on your command line or just the letter s so found in the modify panel and the Home tab on the ribbon right here start your command
select your objects with the window or crossing window
a base point
right now my ortho command is on which is fine
pick a displacement point
and there you go he just stretched it a stretch command moves the vertices of objects that means if you select an object by picking it or if the object is completely enclosed in your crossing window selection then the entire object will move like this circle did and like this Ark did now this line on the top and the one on the bottom the ends here didn’t move on the left side but the ends that we had included in our crossing window did let me show you again I’m using a crossing window and I’m fully engulfing or fully enclosing the ark and then this circle inside it those will move so the stretch come in can also be used like a move command now that I’ve picked all of my objects i press enter I pick a reference point and then my point of displacement stretch it all the way over here now you get a bit of a preview here you can see the circle in the arc relative to each other haven’t changed and the endpoints of the two lines that are connected to the arc don’t change either but the parts that aren’t selected remain the same like this endpoint and this endpoint
so I can select this much
and do that
much here getting just the arc and part of these two lines
since there were no veux
seized on a circle it grabbed the entire circle I can do this
now I can use my shift key to unselect that circle press enter
stretch it
that’s cool let’s use the stretch command again I’m selecting the arc these two lines I picked this one because I couldn’t get around it so let’s unselect it press ENTER and now let’s snap to the center press ENTER of this arc and now we’re going to snap to the center of the circle putting them back where they need to be
can also make your selections for the stretch command with a regular window these two objects because it’s a window not a crossing window so it won’t grab the end points of these two lines because they can’t so when I pick my reference point in my displacement point I’m only moving these two objects so when you use the stretch command you will almost always use a crossing window if you select objects
then it’s going to be a move command and if that’s what you want to do you can do that
now some objects can’t be stretched object is an ellipse if I try to stretch it
nothing happens that’s because an ellipse really doesn’t have any vertexes or vertices like the rest of these objects too I have these points you know that we can grip to the quadrant points but that’s it but most everything else can be stretched

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