Udemy AutoCAD (free courses)

You are a new AutoCAD user and you do not know how to start your training, this article is for you

6 free Udemy AutoCAD course

1- Learn 2D and 3D AutoCAD 2017

This course is them those wanted to learn about latest version of CAD from beginning to little advanced level, basically in this course we have demonstrate step by step guide to use useful commands of AutoCAD 2017, that’s why you can follow steps and reach to the target easily.

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2- AutoCAD Basic

In this course students will learn about the basic use of AutoCAD. This course will cover introduction to AutoCAD, Sketch, Modification, Dimensioning & Text, Layers. This course is available in Hindi language only. This course is suitable for all those who want to learn about AutoCAD basics, and have little to intermediate knowledge of operating a computer. Little to no knowledge of AutoCAD is required for taking this course.

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3- AutoCAD Parametric

O recurso de parametrização (Parametric) do AutoCAD faz com que seja possível editar seu desenho 2D de maneira mais rápida e eficiente. Para um iniciante pode parecer um pouco complicado, porém este curso ajudará a entender bem sua funcionalidade.

Com este recurso, as modificações do desenhos se tornam muito simples e minimiza erros matemático enquanto se faz as alterações. Impressione-se com os resultados! Faça já esse curso!

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4- Learn AutoCAD Electrical Video Tutorial Training

If you want to master AutoCAD for Electrical stream this course definitely for you.

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5- AutoCAD 3D Modeling Course for Beginner

This course “AutoCAD 3D Basics” teach from the scratch of the AutoCAD 3D Modeling, Graphical User Interface-GUI features, Creating Solids, Surfaces, editing solids and working drawing from the 3D models. This course have lab session on the creating the Water Tank, we also included a session on how to start with 2D design and complete it with 3D modeling.

This course will direct you for the Next level project’s as Building, Mechanical Architecture design.

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6- AutoCAD Advanced and Comprehensive Training

This course will teach you everything in such detail that you will be able draft any typical 2D drawing effortlessly and you won’t go on back foot when developing complex manufacturing drawings. The students will find the training easy to grasp and quickly apply in real life working. All the basic and advanced commands have been discussed comprehensively.

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