Undo – The Most Important Command

have you ever made a mistake don’t worry you will that’s where the undo command comes in this command is found in most computer programs and is one of my all-time favorites it helps to keep me honest there are several ways to use the undo command in AutoCAD you can simply type in undo or you can type in the letter you
you can also use the Windows shortcut key of control Z if you use the AutoCAD command of undo it not control Z or not the letter U then you get several options as you saw pop up you can also use the quick access toolbar undo right here if you click the arrow that’s shown you can get a list of items you’ve done recently and purged more than one command at a time if you type in the word undo you can type in the number of commands or operations that you want to undo so if you want to undo the last one just press the one or enter because it defaults the one or you can undo the last five press enter and it will undo the last five things now note undo has no effect on some commands and system variables including those that like open or close or save a file in a drawing some that display information like the properties palette or some things that change your graphics display or regenerate the drawing or something that exports are drawing into a different format you can’t undo those you can mark in time places of reference for the undo command but that’s getting rather complicated right now and to be honest in almost 20 years that I’ve been doing this I have never had a need to do that so you can let’s say okay I’m going to work on a concept design I want to mark this place in time so you would type in the word undo and you would click mark so now autocad knows this point you know everything I do from here on is set so I can do some things let’s say you know copy
and maybe I’ll draw a line
now if i type in undo
I can go back
and this will bring me back to my mark it’s kind of cool you can go all the way back to the very beginning you can some controls go back to the beginning just go back make a mark etc but honestly all you’re really going to need is the control Z or just the letter U for undo or use your tools up here in the quick access toolbar

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