What is AutoCAD?

Autocad is a drafting software used by engineers and architects to draft everything from houses to electrical schematics, mechanical devices…

He is basically a substitute for pen and paper that was used for decades it’s just electronic drafting board so you can create designs quickly accurately print them and also probably modify them easily no more pencil and eraser.

Who needs AutoCAD?

Most of students working either in an engineering or architecture field.

Because taking it just for the sake of taking it is unnecessary effortless you’re going to use it. it takes a long time to learn it properly so most of the students already work for an architect are an architect or an engineer electrical mechanical more rarely some other type and they use it at work sometimes I get an occasional a clothing designer jewelry designer landscape designer basically anybody that needs things drawn electronically quickly and easily can take a class.

Why is it important to learn AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a great software for an engineer designer to learn it’s a very valuable, it’s a very well-respected skill and they should boost their career the reason for it is because it is very widely used if you learn it it’s probably one of the best things you can add to your resume if you’re especially if you’re an architect because really no one does hand drafting anymore it’s either AutoCAD or maybe a competing program. AutoCAD really dominates the market so you need to learn it..

What is the most effective learning method?

it works differently for different people I learn AutoCAD on my own with a co-worker helping me out a little bit.

I think the best training is face to face in the classroom where the instructor can watch the student and correct mistakes.

You can learn AutoCAD on your own that’s what the textbook is for although it’s used heavily in classrooms it’s always preferable to have knowledge.

You can get stuck on something silly and not move forward well as far as a learning AutoCAD practice, practice, practice it is a very heavy practice intensive software unlike learning routers and various IT tasks which can be tried once and then you can refer to manuals and things like that without a cat it’s almost like playing piano.

You really have to know which buttons to push in a situation change constantly depending on your design so you have to know the software by practicing it constantly as far as updates that’s not really a huge problem with AutoCAD the updates from release to release are not that great and I do try to teach AutoCAD
release independent as much as possible so my students can use at least five or six versions of AutoCAD backward or forwards and then in given year.

Interview Elliot Gindis AutoDesk Certified Instructor

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