XRef Management Enhancements

there have been some xref enhancements in how you manage the files and layers in this version of autocad xref line types are no longer displayed in the line type list or in the properties palette for example if I need to draw a line
and I want to change the layer I select it and if I press control one will open up my properties palette
now if I click on this list of layers it only has layer zero listed as an option is that’s all that I can apply to it I can’t apply layers from a referenced file if I open up the xref manager by typing in XR I can see that I have this ice rink file referenced in
means if I open up the layer manager type in LA
I will get a list of layers but these are all from the ice rink from that file and not this one so that’s good because when I’m in the properties manager I can’t list those out because I can’t pick them as an option to apply to my object anyway so that’s nice it’s a little thing it clean stuff up now the xref attachment type is easily toggled not between attachment and overlay but close these other palettes and open up the xref manager
let’s stretch it out here so we can get a good look at it
we can see this is the file I have referenced in the ice rink example file now I can come down here to the bottom of my window and I can very quickly just click on this and I can change it from an attachment to an overlay click on it again click attachment so I can easily toggle that back and forth and that’s nice that’s not something we could easily do before I can also very quickly and easily switch a file that’s referenced from an absolute path to a relative path you scroll down here you can see where the file is found at where the actual saved path is for the file and if I select the xref here I come up to the top of this external reference manager I can change the path if I click on this arrow I can make it absolute or I can remove the path altogether so if I make it absolute and now it’s an absolute path you can also right-click on it and get to some of your options here attachment and overlay and the path right here so those are some of the new things and new controls that you have over your xrefs with the xref manager they’re small but there are things that you might find useful

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