Become Autodesk certified

To obtain certification, you must pass one or more Autodesk certification exams. The procedure to follow is simple:

Step 1 : Choose the certification that’s right for you

Select the certification program tailored to your needs , level and product. Certification is available for a large number of Autodesk applications. (To get a Trainer level certification, click here.) Download and read the detailed exam guide to find out what to expect.

Step 2 : Evaluate your aptitude

Find an Autodesk Certification Center and take an assessment test to assess your application knowledge and identify areas for study and preparation.

Step 3 : Take the required training and practice

Take training at an ATC center and / or purchase a training guide to prepare yourself. Be sure to use the software because direct experience is the key to success.

Step 4 : Pass the required exam

Pay the exam fee and select the date you want to spend it in an Autodesk Certification Center

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