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The hatches are filled patterns used in the technical drawing to represent a material:
You can hatch an area using a predefined hatch pattern, set a simple line pattern using the current line type, or create more complex hatch patterns. One of the pattern types is plain and fills an area with a solid color. You can also create a fill with gradients, which uses a transition between shades of a color or between two colors.
Gradient fills can be used to enhance presentation drawings, but make the design more cumbersome and can “rowing” the PC to somewhat older configurations. Defining the outlines of a hatch You can choose from several methods to specify the outlines of a hatch.
Specify a point in an area enclosed by objects.
Select objects that enclose an area.


Hashes on AutoCAD have an extension (format) .pat

How to add other hatches to AutoCAD:

To add hatches to AutoCAD you have to download them ( free AutoCAD hatch download link in the description) they are in PAT format.
After downloading the files unzip the RAR file.
Then right click on the black screen and choose option (preference for MAC users).
In the files, tab click on the + in front: Support file search path (see photo below)..

Then click on Add Browse and choose the folder you have uncompressed containing the PAT files you have downloaded.
the hatches you add will be visible in the Custom tab of the hatch pattern palette window (see photo below).

The following video shows these steps in detail:

Creates hatches under AutoCAD

This video shows you how to create autoCAD hatching

Download free autocad hatches

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