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in Chapter five we learned how to draw things and we created this project here it was our simple landscape plan open that up I’ve saved a copy of what I did in the chapter 6 project folder and I called it chapter 6 project so let’s start with that or the one you made either one will be fine in chapter 5 we learned how to draw things and in chapter 6 we’ve learned how to edit those things that we’ve drawn so now that we’ve drawn something we’re going to tweak it we’re going to clean it up make it a little bit better so first what we want to do is erase all these points they’re getting in the way and they’re not really serving the purpose that we really want to do so select everything in that area open up your properties palette by pressing control 1 if it’s not open already now use your quick select option
and let’s select all of the points will say their color equals by layer and click OK
now all of the points are selected and press the Delete key and we’ve deleted them they’re gone they’re out of our way now now let’s go over here to our little pond that we created let’s erase all of these hexagons except for one select them all and press Delete
offset the pond with three units selected
see our preview
grab the hexagon with the move command over the endpoint
let’s use the near command to put it somewhere here on our new offset from our pool
going to do is rotate it so that the vertices line up with the offset line so zoom in type in ro for rotate select the hexagon press Enter
type II nd for end because we’re grabbing this end point
we don’t know what angle that needs to be so we need to reference this rotation type in the letter R press Enter grab that end point again type e and D type e and D again because we want to grab this endpoint
and now type in near any a zoom in real close
and find a spot that’s there it doesn’t have to be exact in this case remember type in Rea for regional so you can see your arc better
okay we want to create a path array around the offset line to create a path of hexagon shape stepping stones now let’s see what we can do
at path array
select the object press enter now we need to select the path well any lips that’s been offset we’re getting some weird functionality I knew that was going to happen but I wanted to show it to you anyway because sometimes CAD does unexpected things
now this is what happened this is an ellipse and when you offset any lips it’s no longer an ellipse that’s created it’s a spline so a spline can do strange things so what we’re going to have to do in order to create this array just to
some other object that’s going to work like a polyline so start the polyline command press ENTER and we’re going to start from this point here and we’re just going to draw different shapes turn off your Oh snaps and then just draw somewhere around where this ellipse was
we don’t have to be exact in this case but if we did we can use the near oh snap to click on two different places along our ellipse
there are many times in cad in which things don’t work the way you expect them to and so you have to improvise is one of those cases
now that we have this new polyline we can array around it use the polar array command select the shape press ENTER select our path
you can see we have something that’s looking much better than what we had before it’s actually going around the pond this time now what do we want to do do we want to have a certain amount of items or do we want to have a certain space between them
well let’s divide it up to make it even and let’s make it an even of 40 stones because that’ll be an easier number to order and do you want one or two rows let’s just stick with the one we’re done close the array select the path and delete it
and there you go now let’s open up the wall where we have our door
before we open up the wall let’s put a wall in here let’s use the offset command
and let’s tell it to go eight units it’s too big for what we’re doing here let’s change that to one that looks much better
now let’s draw a line snap to the endpoint of our door
press ENTER and I use the copy command this line
and you can turn your oh snaps back on my pressing the f3 button
I’m down here on the status line pick your endpoint
section point and press that open up the wall by trimming select these two lines here press Enter there you go
now we have a real door with a real doorway now in the planting area here for our garden let’s clean this up a little bit let’s use the Philip command and let’s look for a distance of a radius of five units
sometimes polylines won’t allow you to fill at them so you have to explode them first explode as a command we haven’t talked about yet but an explode command will separate things like a polyline it will break it down into its basic components of lines and arcs they won’t be joined together anymore
hit the letter X press Enter or you can pick on this box up here in the modify panel select our polyline press Enter now let’s do a fill it with the radius of five units
let’s do that again but we’ll have a radius of 20 units this time and this will help us
to smooth things out and you can radius arcs as well as lines
and if you didn’t like this one we can do that
and then delete
a much more fluid shape to it and there you go we’ve cleaned up our drawing a little bit added some new features we’ve changed it we’ve given the building a wall and we’ve put a door in it and we can also
trim our concrete driveway and sidewalk together
and so now you’ve created this drawing and then you’ve gone through and edited with the new tools that you’ve just learned how to use

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