Object Properties

in this chapter we have focused on editing objects every object has properties like color line type length layer and much more different object types have different properties one way to edit or manage those traits is through the properties and manager palette we talked about palettes in an earlier section and we’ve used them a bit from time to time but let’s take a closer look at this one specifically because you can use the properties palette in many cases to edit your drawing to open it up press ctrl + 1 at the same time
I have mine set to be docked here on the left but you can pull it out and move it wherever you want click hold grab it and then drop it and you can move it to either side top or bottom you can click on the edge of it and hold that and stretch it
up or down left or right
you can hide it move
that out right-click on it to get to a lot of these other things you can even change the transparency of it just move it back to the side again and dock it if you like and when you don’t have any objects selected the properties palette gives you the current information about your drawing settings at least some of them anyway
right now we have nothing selected and the default colors if we were to draw something now would be set to by layer it’s on layer 0 we have the line type line type scale line weight thickness etc our plot styles our view and different miscellaneous options about our UCS now if we go over here and pick something
like this polyline for instance it tells us that the polyline what layer it’s on what color it is its scale its overall dimensions we can get the area of this right here it’s in square inches or square feet for us the total length etc it’s a very valuable information now I can change some of this can change its color right here it can change the layer that it’s on I can change the line type
so that can be very useful
sometimes you need to alter the properties of more than one object for example the
when I’ve selected this text I can click here to edit the contents of the text itself make changes I can change the style so that it looks different I can change the height the
justification etc
and I can always undo what I’ve done now let’s say I want to change the text style of all of these labels
pick them all or just a few of them and make those changes to him
same time which is very handy and very useful you can select objects of different types I’ll show you by picking everything
the properties palette will tell you how many items you’ve selected in this case 301 and when I click on this box it sorts out a list of all the different types and how many of those types I’ve selected so I’ve have 76 lines 168 blocks 16 text objects etc now I can get very specific on what I’m working with so if I want all of the lines I can pick it in the drop-down list and I can change the objects of just the lines and as I move through this list I get a preview of what it’s going to look like in my drawing area before I make the change and this is very useful through my quickselect I can also develop a filter
though I’ve picked everything let’s say I only want all of the text objects open up the object type select em text and I pick one of the properties that are available to choose from in this case let’s go color
and I want everything that equals bilayer and I’m going to include these objects in my selection so if anything fits this filter criteria I click OK and these objects are selected and it lets go of everything else so if you need to find something like that for example let’s say a block that’s this lighting block here we find the name of it it’s called lighting fixture let’s say I want to erase all of the lighting fixtures from my entire drawing I can select everything click on my quick select option
tell it black reference
and I go to name
from the name icon
anything that’s available to me in my selection in this case I want it to be the lighting fixture I click okay see that that is all that I have selected press the Delete key and they’re all gone
that’s another way to select objects so that you can edit them you can also get objects and change them with a properties palette you can do specific kinds or you can do everything at once

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