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there is one more rate tool that I want to talk about and that’s the copy array it’s not a real array command but it kind of is it’s also kind of hidden but it is there the copy array tool is in the copy command it allows you to create a linear non associative array that just means that you can copy your object many times in a straight line and it won’t be an array but it will be several instances of that same object so let’s look at this last plant here start the copy command press Enter select the object enter again
your base point we’ll just pick the center of the pot
and now you can see here on the command line that there is an option called array so you can click it here in the command line or type in the letter A and now you need to enter in the number of items or the array so let’s say five as you move your mouse around that line is created and the distance between each item is up to you you just stretch it out put it where it needs to go now you have another mode called fit mode just type in the letter F and press ENTER and now you can go a total distance with everything else automatically spaced in between instead of working on just the spacing so if i turn on my oh snap by pressing f8 I can go in a straight line and put in another row of plants turning on f8 I can keep going
back in the regular copy command so if i want to array again i have to type in the letter a type in the number that i want to array and
keep going
so that’s another array it’s not a real array but it’s a way to get a lot of things in a straight line in one shot with a copy command so it’s a little trick that’s kind of hidden that you might be able to use sometimes it might be easier to do that then the array command you know like rectangular or polar

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