Pathway Arrays

the third type of array is called the pathway array this tool will array objects along a given path that means you can copy different things in your drawing along a defined line or polyline spline arquette cetera let’s say that we want to plant some of these bushes along the outside of this movie house here we have 20 of them ordered so we need to plant them all equally spaced the plants will need to be planted as 60 inches away from the foundation of the building let’s use the offset command
and we’re going to offset a distance of 60 inches
enter so pick this line and offset it here
going to use the pathway array we select the object that we want to array press enter
now we select the pathway which is right here
see it drew our plant all the way around and how many did we say we had before we had 20 so let’s change the number of items
220 well in order to do that we have to change the type of path array that it is right now it’s set up to be a measured array that means it’s drawn all these lines at a measured distance in between them and however many it needed to fill in that area or that length in this case it did and it chose 30 and it’s at this 102 distance well we don’t want it to be measured we want it to be divided so that says then it will put in however many of these bushes that we want and it will equally spaced them out for us so we come back here to the items column and we type in 20 items the press ENTER and it automatically spaces them out to an equal distance all the way around we didn’t have to try to figure anything out at all
now you can change the number of rows just like that and change the distances between them
with the other array commands you can change the levels
align the items as you see here as they go around the path they’re automatically rotated so they’re lined up with the pathway the exact same way the first one was or you can turn that off this will keep them orientated the same way just as if you picked it straight up and put it straight down without moving it at all
and you can change the Z direction and this has to do with a 3d path which you can’t use an autocad LT but you can in regular autocad you can adjust the total distance if you want to shorten it up somehow or you can adjust the distance between but again you have to be in the proper mode
so I can change the distance between here
120 and it will automatically put in the number of items that I need

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