Polar Arrays

There is a second array type other than the rectangular array it’s called polar array this function will array objects based on polar coordinates that means you can copy objects along the defined radius at specific angles start the array command just like you normally would.
And pick the polar option.
Now what we want to do here is a rate chairs around this table.
Select the objects that you want to a ray.
Press enter now we need the center point and that’s the center point of the circle that we’re going to create.
Type in C. E. N. for your objects nap and pick the center of the table.
Our cat will automatically generate some objects for you.
Now put six of them in here for us we can change a lot of these things just with grip edits.
You can change the angle we can change the number you can move it etcetera.
It’s very easy to change things up here.
Inside the contextual ribbon tab for the polar right.
We can change the number of items from six.
Two eight.
And if we do that it will automatically adjust the distance or the angle between them.
Now we can change this angle.
If it will work out.
You can change the total angle.
In this case to one eighty.
You can change the number of rows.
To three.
Now we have even more chairs we can change the distance between the hours.
And again these can be grip edited as well.
You can make them on associative much means the all be their own objects you can change the bass point.
Which will change the start of the angle.
You can have each object rotate on its own.
Or you can change the direction which the rotating.
So as you can see you can do a lot.
With your A. commands.
Very quickly.
Until you get the proper configuration that you want.
So selected.
And start playing with your different settings that you have.
When you’re done just close the array.
And move on to the next part of your project.

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