Chapter Project – Part 2

the next step we need to put in some other items we have a door we have a driveway a road and we have our building let’s make a walkway from our door to our driveway
line command
type in near four nearest come down here with ortho still on
let’s come down ten units
press enter and then come across the left here
use the perpendicular oh snap if you don’t have the perpendicular oh snap turned on you can type in PE R for perpendicular press enter
and there you go press ENTER again now let’s start another line
and we’ll come down again so it looks good but before we came down at ten so let’s come down to about 15 15 units press enter
come to the left type in PE are for perpendicular press enter again and enter one more time and now we have a little walkway
and we’re really putting this thing together now the architect knows hey here’s a building they have a little walkway adore driveway and here’s the road so the architect is going to be able to have a great view of what’s going on here now we want to tell the architect where to put some of the plants so we’re going to need to create a planting area for him so let’s do that we’re going to insert some points randomly just on the left side of the house along the outline here so we’re going to use the point command right here on the ribbon the Home tab draw panel and points
so let’s put in about six of them or so one
two three four five
you can put them where you’d like well how’s he going to see this that’s not real good so let’s type in the command DD PTY p
p type press enter
change it
22 this one here point size of five percent is okay relative to screen and there we go these are where he’s going to put some of our plants
make another planting area altogether here say you know I really don’t like these so let’s select everything and then hit the Delete key let’s go with the point command again and this time you know what he’s the landscape architect or she in this case it might be and so let’s just tell him an area than which we want everything to be planted okay we’ll pick some points in pic here here
to tell him to just go around the building
when you’re done
press enter
and escape okay so we want him to go inside here I’ll tell you what why don’t we make it even easier for him and let’s draw a polyline showing him where to go so with our node oh snap we will just connect the dots
pick our first point turn off the ortho command if it’s on
okay now we have our first line drawn let’s draw another
and let’s make it fancy press a for art press ENTER and this will start drawing arcs
to our points because who once a flat square okay now this
is going to be a little crazy here probably more crazy than what we want okay because we can edit this select the polyline
that midpoint
stretch it out
we’re going to smooth things out with these grip edits
and if that’s the shape you want then tastic then do it if not then you can erase all of these and delete them again or move them around or just draw a new shape now let’s say on the right that we want to create a pool area that’s great so let’s draw any lips
command is in the home tab
panel it’s right here
we’ll just do a center
command type in 10 for the width and in 24 the height
nice little pool now let’s
let’s say we want to have some stepping stones go from our walkway to our pool area
let’s use our polygon command x stepping stones might be six sides so we’ll type in six for the number of sides press Enter
in this case an inscribed or circumscribed polygon won’t make much of a difference
make them one unit press enter so there we go we have a polygon now what are we going to do I want to show you another command called copy select copy it’s here in the modify panel in the Home tab on the ribbon object that’s our polygon press enter need a base point in this case it’s not going to matter so much so you can click anywhere you can even click one of the points on the polygon itself turn off ortho by pressing f8 and then just pick where you want it to go
make a pathway
to the pool
when you’re finished press enter and there you go now you have a roadway a house a driveway walkway a door a trail of stepping stones to your pool in a garden area this is a crude drawing by all means but it’s very basic and it shows you the types of commands and the tools that you’re going to use an AutoCAD all day long these are the basic things that you need to know in order to make drawings later on we’ll show you how to edit this and work with it and make even better drawings

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