as in most projects you have to make a mess in order to build something AutoCAD is the same way in order to create your designs we will have to make objects in them that ultimately what we don’t want a lot of times those objects come in the form of like a construction line or some sort of drawing aid whatever they are they need to go away so to do this we use the erase command you can find the command in the ribbon right here in the modify panel
this chapter you’re going to see that we’re going to spend a lot of time here in the modify panel
click the erase button and then select an object or objects that you want to be erased press ENTER and they go away now you can start the command first or you can make your selections first then start the erase command and then they go away
you can type in the word erase or just the letter e press Enter pick your objects press ENTER again and they go away if you select your objects first then start the erase command then you’re done you’re not in the command anymore I can start my line command and draw something
now you can also select objects and then hit the Delete key either these methods with the erase command or the Delete key they work the same way they do the same exact thing now what if you accidentally erased something like the oops command can type that in
press ENTER and that will bring in the last things that you erased or delete it that’s nice say well why can’t I use the undo command well you can you can go back find all the things you raced and undo it but let’s say I accidentally delete or erase my pool and then I do a whole bunch of work like recreate another building right next to this and then one over here etc well I don’t want to undo all of my work I just want to get my pool back so if I undo everything
all going to be gone I don’t want to do that I can just type in oops and it brings it back for me and I didn’t lose any work just the minor inconvenience so that’s great now sometimes though when you erase your objects or you doing some other work you’re zooming in and out and things get messed up on their screen your drawings not really affected but something is just kind of screwy with your computer sometimes for example a circle or an arc will get segmented meaning it won’t be a round smooth curve it’ll be just a series of jagged lines that happens or when i zoom into these points they’re too big things like that or sometimes when you delete an object there’ll be a screen remnant meaning your video card on your computer just didn’t completely render your screen properly and that happens when it does just type in Rea for regen all that will clean it up we’ve seen that before when we’ve you know zoomed out and started panning and just can’t pan anymore type in Rea for regional
and it will fix that it will also re-render your points so that they’ll be in the proper size assuming you’ve set them up to be a size relative to your screen
so that’s the erase you can select your objects first or after you start the command you can use the erase command itself or you can use the Delete key on your keyboard whichever way works best for you

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